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Cara Memasang Notice Cliptboard
Sunday, August 25, 2013 • 2 comment(s)

Annnyeong Haseoo *hmmm* Dari tadi sore aura buat Notice Cliptboard hasilnya jelek terus udah berkali2 nyoba dan alhamdulillah rules buatanku masih jelek wkwkwk *apaini* Ini contoh notice cliptboard atau semacam rules buatan aura ;;)

Ada yang mau coba coba buat notice cliptboard kayak aura? xD

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    function showHideAT(){
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    var at = document.getElementById("at");
    var dx = Math.abs(x0-xf) > 25 ? 35 : 1;
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    var x = x0 + dx * dir; = x.toString() + "px";
    if(x0!=xf){setTimeout("moveAT("+x+", "+xf+")", 10);}
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    <div class="attab" onclick="showHideAT()"> </div>
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    <div align="center">
    <div style="background:url() no-repeat;">
    <center><div id="author">
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    -moz-opacity: 1.0;
    opacity: 1.0;
    -khtml-opacity: 1.0; }
    <div style='display:scroll; position:fixed; top:150px; right:5px;'>
    <a href="javascript:void(0);"onclick="showHideAT()"/>
    <img src="URL BOTTON CLICK"
    alt="PUSH" title="CLICK ME?" /></a>

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